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Welcome to Arlington Heights, Illinois

A vibrant community of 75,000, located northwest of Chicago.  


A Website About Arlington Heights Anyone Can Edit

AHWiki is a community-driven LocalWiki site that lets you share information about Arlington Heights with the world. Just create an account and get started. Add what you know about the village's history, activities, places, etc. Edit-a-Thon - check back for future dates! 

  • Learn about AHWiki--what it is, how it works
  • Get hands-on help so you can add/contribute yourself

For more details, contact Bill Pardue ( / 847-506-2667)


Special Topics:

Create a local topic page and then a listing here.  Architecture? Food? Hiking/Biking?


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Kids' Activities | Teen ActivitiesLocal Architecture/Significant Buildings | Recreation & Sports | Food and Dining | Public Art |


Things to know:

Local History | Notable People


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Eternal Flame, Veterans Memorial Park

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